6 Simple Ways to Create Excitement About Your Website


Your website is incredible, your services and products are perfect. All you want to do is share, and you have tried everything. Exactly, why isn’t your website helping your company hit its marketing goals?

Having excitement around your website isn’t always easy — but it’s necessary for your online business to succeed and even grow. If you’re planning to fire up your viewers and get them motivated by your website, you need an awesome strategy.

These 6 ideas will help your brand get the online excitement you are looking for:

1. Tell an exciting story that everyone wants to hear

Every company has a mission and with that a story. Exactly how did you get began? Where are you going, and what is your vision for the future of your product or service? How are you changing the way the world does what you do?

What this will do is get people talking about you. “Did you hear the one about the little guy that took on the big guy and did something fabulous”? Well I did, and now they are talking about you and your service, and it all started with a story.

2. Keep your content fresh

If your content seems stagnant, it can feel like your business is not keeping up, and potential customers might pass you by. Add a new post, and do a little digging into your field. Add fresh content through feeds and generally try to find ways to become a voice in your field.

3. Give ’em something

Almost nothing captures people’s attention like a special intensive. I admit I am guilty of signing up for endless newsletters all because I was given the chance to gain something I considered valuable. People love specials, freebies, and generally to have a reason to come to your site, and return. It is a great way to spread the word.

4. Get in the NEWS!

Nothing builds excitement like new news. Whether it be a promotion, Something you did for a community charity or event. It doesn’t really matter as long as it is newsworthy. Post it, share it, put out a press release. You would be surprised how many publications are looking for a great bit to place in an article about what your company does.

5. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Ask what people think of your website, business, products. It is OK to ask. You might get some information about your company that you never thought before. For instance, I recently received feedback from a business associate that suggested that we take one word out of our portfolio description. That one word changes the way people look at our work. It was a great idea, and I never would have thought of it had we not been open for feedback.

6. Make social media work for you

You post on Facebook, and tweet once or twice a week, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything for your website. The real trick to social media is not a trick at all. It is about engaging people at their level. Don’t just post, ask questions, and answer them. Find other companies that you can work with and build a social media relationship with them. Find out their story, and share yours with them, and your social media will take off and help your company grow.

The real reason to do all of this is to help you focus your online strategies to help build the excitement you want to generate about your website and, in turn, your business. It’s not often easy, but it can be effective. And yes, it does take effort, but it really works, and it can make a difference in how many customers you reach. As you know, everyone is online.

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