About Torch Designs Web Design
Torch Designs was born from the passion and spirit of a creative professional that wanted to take average business design to new levels. We are not just another design agency in an overcrowded market. Torch has heart. That’s what makes us stronger, because we love our customers, and we make it our goal to help every customer stand out from the crowd by finding the perfect creative and marketing solutions to make their businesses grow.
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Everyone says they are different. Maybe they are, but what separates them from the pack, the mundane, the boring? What makes Torch different? One word – heart. Torch is a unique blend of experienced designers, developers & marketers. We have worked in companies both large and small, freelanced, been in-house designers, developers and marketers. The Torch team is driven by the very same passion and the constant push for quality and creativity.

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Torch Designs Staff


Our Fearless Leader – Born to lead just about everything that given to him, Torch’s Fearless Leader is set to take on the world of technology each and every day. Also known as El’ Presidente, he sets the mood for the desire Torch has to make a real difference and give the customers what they need, help their businesses grow, and work with the creative team to implement the latest and greatest in technology.

O’ Creative One – The director of all things beautiful. While she would rather be painting sidewalks with incredible colors, she decided instead to get into commercial design and make the sidewalks of business graphics a little more colorful. With over 14 years of experience working for international and national companies, she has designed ideas that launched thousands of sales and improved the look of many a company product in the interim.

The Geek – Known for being quiet, shy, and aloof, he fits the description to a tee, and yet has managed to master the realms of code where others dare not venture. With expertise in Java and all of those C things, the Geek is able to render web sites active and functional with ease.

Internet Marketing Momma – She can cook up a mean, steaming, awesome campaign geared at targeting all things on the Internet. Don’t have time to Facebook for your small business? She does. Don’t ever want to tweet on the Twitter boards? She loves to tweet away.

The Editor – Many people think they are the best writer to ever walk the face of the earth. I am not one of those people. Therefore, we welcome in “The Editor”. He is capable of making meaningless copy have direction and make sense. Plus, he can spell, which we all know is important if one wants to be presented as professional.

Our Fluffy Mascot – The cutest, and newest, member of the Torch Team, our Fluffy Mascot is just that – fluffy. What she lacks in size she makes up for in personality. By presenting herself as a useful member of our growing business, she gives us great motivation to move forward in making the world of business marketing, designing, and advertising a better place.