Beware SEO Scammers!

As a business owner, how many times have you received an email or a phone call from an SEO “expert” guaranteeing you first-page ranking for your website?

As business owners, we should all be aware that these types of “experts” are interested only in making a quick dollar and are really not concerned with the long-term success of your website. Building a successful website and maintaining a good Google “page ranking” takes time, patience, and a whole lot of work. No serious SEO professional would ever make such a guarantee.

One of the most common ways these companies take advantage of small businesses and companies is with the use of irrelevant keywords. What they will do is take a list of keywords that no one is using, and have no relevance to the content of your website, and build your pages with them. The use of keywords in tactical locations throughout the website is important for your organic page ranking. An ethical and true professional would select these keywords only after thorough research in accordance with the content of your website. Using irrelevant keywords allows scammers to produce top page results, but for the wrong group of keywords.

For example, if my webpage is selling lawn mowers, what keywords might help consumers find my website using a Google search? We could use riding lawnmowers, Snapper mowers, push mowers, John Deere mowers. All of these have relevance to the content of the website. But there is a lot of competition for these words. Other sites are using them too.

The scammers will take a set of keywords that have no relevance whatsoever for your website and produce high-rank results with them. If someone happens to search for your page using keywords for lawn mowers, they will search all day and never see your site. You will find out that irrelevant keywords where used to build your site instead.

Unfortunately, these unethical practices occur more often than we would like. When someone comes to you and guarantees you certain results, your warning buzzer should sound off immediately. Remember, search engine optimization is an ongoing process. It does not happen overnight. Good results come from long hours of research, trial and error, and knowledgeable individuals, Torch Designs has all three!
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Have a great week, everybody! Blessings.

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  • Great post! Besides SEO companies that try to dump a bunch of irrelevant keywords on a client, there are also the companies that just sell the clients on keywords that will not bring in any business.

    I was recently talking about this time I worked for an SEO company in Miami and one of their clients was a hair salon in Hollywood. Well the salon wanted to rank for keywords like “hair salon in Miami’ “hair dressers in Miami” blah blah blah.

    I tried to tell both the client and my bosses how that was a terrible idea because people looking for such services in Miami are probably located in Miami, and that it would be a waste of time because who’s going to drive 20+ miles to go to a hair salon. Especially when they will probably pass hundreds of hair salons on the way to that particular one. Long story short, they got traffic to the site, but no customers.

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