What do we do at Torch Designs? Can it be summed up on one page? Probably not, but here is our best effort.
Torch Designs Graphic Design Services

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Logo & Business Branding

More than just a “logo”. Although that is in the title, it is more like a Brand Image, the design of the first impression people get when they come across a business. Whether it is on a website, business card, or advertisement, it is the first thing that people will see. It’s important to stand out and be professional.
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Internet Marketing & Advertising

If a business wants to grow, it has to advertise, and the Internet is a crazy place to do just that. At Torch Designs, we personally interact with you to learn your business, your industry, and your competition. The end result? An Internet marketing strategy designed and customized to reach your goals! Not every company needs Facebook and Twitter, but if a company does then they should definitely have a presence on those sites.
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Print Design

Ever heard the phrase, “Print is dead”? How silly is that. Print design and advertising are a vital part of any company’s strategy to find and develop new customers. From business cards to brochures, billboards, and package designs. As long as people can read, which we hope is a long time, there will be print. Torch Designs started in the print business many years ago, and designing for print is still a vital part of what we can do for any business.
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Web Design

Let’s face it. If you have a business with more than three customers, you might need a website. Whether large or small, a business website can be the center of any marketing campaign. Websites are more then just online brochures. They give businesses a chance to interact with their customers, show off their best products, and help further their brand development throughout their marketing.
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