Logo Branding Design Services

People can form an impression of a business in the first 30 seconds. That’s why companies like Coke, Nike, and Apple spend a fortune on making their “brand” stand out. Not every business has a fortune to spend on branding and marketing their image, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a well-designed, consistent image, putting their best foot forward.

The brand design is the first impression people get when come across a business. Whether it is on a website, business card, or advertisement, it is often the first thing that people will see. It’s important to stand out and be professional. It gives a competitive advantage over those that think that image doesn’t matter. Just ask an Apple executive.

Torch Designs can create a brand design that can be carried on throughout a business identity. We start with a logo, an image that caries with it the chance to express the theme and feel of the business, then we go from there. Business cards, brochures, shirts, promotional items and – of course – web designs and social media themes. The sky is the limit. But if the budget is not endless, then it is good to start small and work into building a consistent brand throughout all of the business’ media.

Constructability Conference 2015

The Constructability conference is one of the largest conferences on concrete and construction in the United States. Each year it is held in a different part of the country. This year Torch Designs happened to be lucky enough to know some of the people putting it on, so we designed their conference logo. They wanted Bronco colors. Hmmm I wonder why.

Mister Landscaper Online Logo

Most online presences want you to have a perfect square for your logo. Most brands are not designed for that. That is where Torch Designs comes in. We created a web logo perfect for all of their social media platforms, that breaks down not only the company logo, but what they do in a simple square nut shell.

Visit their site also designed by us:


MotorBoys Cycle Works

Classic Vintage meets Modern Grunge in this motorcycle company's design. Torch utilized type elements and negative space to create a combination look that works.


Motor Boys Logo On Whatever

Motor Boys Cycle Works wanted to brand themselves. What better way to do that then with your logo on a hat... or anything else you can think of.

Daphne Writes a Blog

Ever want to be a writer? Get a great card design, because you will be talking to a lot of people, and looking professional is a great way to get that foot in the door.

Visit her site also designed by us:


Common Grounds

Christians getting together, singing praises, sounds great! It totally is, and this logo represents a chilled out place to gather for coffee and fellowship.

Structurz Business Cards

Structurz Exhibits & Graphics wanted to have a sleek new look for their new business cards, matching their web design. We were happy to help.

 We Built their Site as well:


Arabellas Brand

Need an update from a tired and boring logo design. This is an example of a fresh look at a redesign we did for a small Italian restaurant.

New Leaf Enterprises

When a new company wants a design we always try and find out what makes them what they are. Keeping trees alive is what this all natural product line was about. We kept it all natural using one of their trees as a logo. Looks very lifelike.

Bella Alta

Tall & Beautiful, this design is just that. We were asked for elegant, something with simple lines that reflected the desire of the client. For a fashion designer who makes custom clothing for tall beautiful women.

Bella Alta

You can't have a great logo without business cards. Well you can, but what's the point? These cards were designed to carry over the look of the logo, and keep it all tall and beautiful.

Hillberry Farms

Fresh from the farm, this image was created to give a berry farm a vintage agriculture feel, but also have modern elements such as color and graphic style.

Not so boring cards to go with that not so boring logo. Make your brand design fresh with an overall look that is sure to get noticed.


Asset Preservation Partners

Logos are just the beginning when dealing with design. Carry your design throughout all of your brand with cards, brochures, mailers and more. This brochure was created for a company that helped manufacturing companies protect their machine assets by inspecting them for potential ware and tare damage. As such, the look is very industrial.

Massage Harvest

Relax, set your mind at ease. Who doesn't want a massage? I know I do. I could use one right now, in fact. This design was created to flow, like wheat in the wind, and give a sense of nature, calm, and relaxation.

Sisters Studio

Creating beautiful designs is something that many people strive for. Especially these two sisters who wished to design their own clothing line with simple, beautiful clothes that anyone can enjoy.

Sisters Studio

I just love how these cards came out. simple, easy to read, and beautiful at that same time. Creating beautiful designs is something that many people strive for. Especially these two sisters who wished to design their own clothing line with simple, beautiful clothes that anyone can enjoy.

Dealightful Treats

Yes, Delightful is spelled incorrectly. It was done on purpose. The Owners name just happens to be Deanna, so she wanted to make it special. She makes the best cupcakes this side of the Mississippi river, and maybe the other side as well. As she grows and expands her business we hope her brand expands as well.

Kegel Concepts

Kegel Concepts was created to explore design packages for entire bowling centers. We used a bold branding like design that the clients loved.