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How To Use Facebook BlogFacebook isn’t just for the kiddos anymore. It has blossomed into an all-out marketing mecca that can allow people to form real relationships with business by “Liking” and following business pages. This is great for companies that really want to connect and share with their customers and other business. To utilize Facebook for your business, there are a few things that are really should be done.

 First find out what your business trying to achieve by using Facebook.

Facebook is perfect for business that want to share connections with people, and other business, and promote a product or services. But like any social media, the sky is the limit, and that can seem overwhelming.

 What resources can your organization devote to using Facebook?

If you have the time to update your business page or add a status at least twice a day, then you are doing well. Getting people to “Like” your page is a different thing all together. The best bet is to invite people who would have interest in your company. Start with friends, and then friends of friends. Once the social media branching out has started it is important to maintain momentum.

 A few simple tips to help improve a business Facebook page:

 –       Make it look good. One does not have to be a professional designer to make sure the image on the cover photo is not a grainy, unrecognizable cell phone picture. Get a clear image of the product or service you provide. Hire a photographer, if necessary, to shoot your products for all your media. That will make you stand out and look your best. Also the profile picture should be the business logo or name, not a self-portrait, a picture of a cat, or a neighbor’s cute kid, Just saying.

Mr Landscaper Facebook Cover Page

–       Make it accurate. Go into the edit profile section of the page and make sure all of the address, contact, product/service and company information is correct. If there are any inaccuracies then fix them immediately. That way your customers can find you.

–       Post a minimum of twice a day, not all at the same time. Provide meaningful content that your customers and Facebook followers would be interested in.

Follow other business pages.  Use your business page to follow other pages and share information with them. You can mention them or add links to their Facebook page by simply adding the “@” symbol followed by their page’s name. By doing that you can increase the size of your audience – and their audience as well.

Use hashtags on your post. This is the number sign followed by a simple keyword. (example: #GraphicDesign) These “tags” are searchable so that anyone looking for that keyword can find related topics. This can help people find information about your post in a sea of daily updates.

-Try to create open communication with your Facebook followers. Ask and answer questions, and participle in conversations that are important to you and your business.

 Facebook can seem overwhelming at times – with updates, stories, “Likes” and so much more.

If your business does not have the time to invest in having people manage your social media presence, companies like Torch Designs can set up and do all the Facebook updates for you – taking the load off of your back.

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