Logo & Brand Identity

More then just a logo, a brand Identity can carry through all aspects of a business. Below are some of Torch designs examples of business logo & brand designs that the Torch Team has created over the years.
logo Design Example Mister Landscaper

Mister L is an already established company that wanted to make a new impact with a sleeker logo designed for its Internet store presence.

Logo Design Example Sisters Studio

Creating beautiful designs is something that many people strive for. Especially these two sisters who wished to design their own clothing line with simple, beautiful clothes that anyone can enjoy.

Logo Design Example Motorboys

Classic Vintage meets Modern Grunge in this motorcycle company's design. Torch utilized type elements and negative space to create a combination look that works.

Logo Design Hat Example Motorboys

Motor Boys Cycle Works wanted to brand themselves. What better way to do that then with your logo on a hat... or anything else you can think of.

Logo Design Example Hillberry Farms

Not your boring logo. This fresh from the farm design is all custom for an amazingly fresh look at a classic concept.

Business Card Example Hillberry Farms

Not so boring cards to go with that not so boring logo. Make your brand design fresh with an overall look that is sure to get noticed.

Bussiness card and brochure Example APP

Logos are just the beginning when dealing with design. Carry your design throughout all of your brand with cards, brochures, mailers and more.

Logo design example conquest

Fishing for excelence. That is what this modern day logo represents in its simple, yet bold design.

Logo design example New Leaf Enterprises

Keeping trees alive is what this all natural product line was about. We kept it all natural using one of their trees as a logo. Looks very lifelike.

Business card design Structurz

Structurz Exhibits & Graphics wanted to have a sleek new look for their new business cards, matching their web design. We were happy to help.

Logo design example Bella Alta

Tall & Beautiful, this design is just that. For a fashion designer who makes custom clothing for tall beautiful women.

business card design example Bella Alta

You can't have a great logo without business cards. Well you can, but what's the point? These cards were designed to carry over the look of the logo, and keep it all tall and beautiful.

Logo design example Arabellas

Need an update from a tired and boring logo design. This is an example of a fresh look at a redesign we did for a small Italian restaurant.

Logo design example Common Grounds

Christians getting together, singing praises, sounds great! It totally is, and this logo represents a chilled out place to gather for coffee and fellowship.

Logo design example Stump Hawg

Diversity is a huge part of successful design. If a client comes up to you and says they want a logo of a hawg, with saw-blades coming out of its mouth grinding a stump, well that's what you gotta do.

Business card example Daphne Writes

Ever want to be a writer? Get a great card design, because you will be talking to a lot of people, and looking professional is a great way to get that foot in the door.

Logo design example World Ranking Masters

The World Ranking Masters, one of the most prestigious bowling tournaments in the world,. Our designer got to create the logo. Nice!

Logo design example Cowboys Baseball

Every sports team needs a great logo to make them stand out, and express excellence. This team brand design makes us go Yeee Haa! No really, it does.

Logo design example Open Arms Ministries

Open arms, and an open heart, are great ways to express love to others, and this ministry logo design was created to express just that.

Logo design example First Baptist Ft Lauderdale

Softball leagues are a great way for groups of people go get together and really build relationships. This church's softball league wanted an image that was clean, with an art deco flare.

Identity package design Kegel Concepts

Kegel Concepts was created to explore design packages for entire bowling centers. We used a bold branding like design that the clients loved.

Logo design promotional example Kegel Concepts

BBQ sauce - bold, spicy, fun. When branding, thinking of ways to go beyond the business card can get the attention that is wanted.

Logo Design Example Kegel's Million

Million-dollar bowling competition? Yes, please. Inspired by one person's desire to give a popular game greater enthusiasm, this brand was created for just that!

Logo design example Massage Harvest

Relax, set your mind at ease. Who doesn't want a massage? I know I do. I could use one right now, in fact. This design was created to flow, like wheat in the wind, and give a sense of nature, calm, and relaxation.

Logo design example Think Green Save Blue

Think Green, Save Blue. A great way to market a water-saving irrigation product line.

Logo design example Cyipcom

Who is the one that you get when you have to install computer networks in your building. Well, if you live in South Florida, these guys do a great job.

Logo design example Cross Wired

Electric faith, with some electric colors. Shocking!

Logo Design example Fruit Plus

Fruit is good. What could be better? A brand promoting healthy fruit and vitamin supplements designed to improve one's overall health.