Illustrations can bring a fresh life to a design project that can make it completely unique and quite beautiful. At Torch, we love illustrations and strive to add them to our design skill set on a daily basis.

Jazzy Jazzy

Art and Illustration is about taking an idea and turning it into a visual feast for the eyes. This Jazzy painting was used as an inspiration for an annual Jazz festival.

A Great Idea

Ever had an idea that could not be contained. This editorial illustration was designed to show off how fun that can be with an idea busting out of the box. The illustration was created using little dots of ink... Ya it took freaking forever to do. But the end result was very well received.

Orange You Glad I Didn't Draw A Banana

Just one of a three-part editorial series on the American picnic. There is nothing like a juicy orange to go with a picnic lunch and we drew this one for just such an occasion. If ever you wanted to have something drawn that looks less digital, traditional illustration can provide a unique look and feel.

I Love Rock, I Love It Not

Passion for rock music was the inspiration behind this illustration, with it's flower-style design and bold use of color, the illustration expresses the overall fun and joy of music.

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

This tiger illustration was meant to capture the beauty of the beast - with the black around representing the mystery that this predator presents.

Hot Stuff

Digital Illustrations have come a long way.  The beauty of many of the illustrations created in this environment is their ability to be expanded and shrunk to smaller and or larger sizes and maintain their spicy goodness.


Time Changes Everything

Think of the brands that are constantly changing every day.  You think you know something and turn around and it's gone.  This graphite (pencil) illustration was created as an editorial on the images that time changes and how it effects human nature.

Surfs Up

Grab a board and go for a surf dude. The water and the board were digitally illustrated, basically meaning no fish were harmed in the making of this drawing.


We Can Draw Palm Trees

Just in case you were wondering, we are a central Florida company, and are therefore surrounded by palm trees, seriously surrounded, so we can say that we draw our inspiration from our surroundings.

Jet Set

A super fast military jet just flew by... This illustration was created digitally to display the high flying action of a United States Combat Plane in action, complete with patriotic themed sunset flag in the background. Go USA!

Sending Out Prayers

We had the mission to express prayer in a very fun and loving way without being too sanctimonious or dogmatic in the approach. Having the prayers go out as heart shaped balloons gave the illustration a sense of whimsy. Plus, who does not love a heart shaped balloon?

The 2D Beach

Not all beaches are the same. Some of them, like this one, happen to be very, very flat.  This particular one was supposed to look fun, like a coloring book, but also very stylish with a graphical approach to the overall illustration.

Goodness Gracious...

Did you know that soccer happens to be one of the most popular sports in the world? I did not, because I am a close minded American who believes that footballs and soccer balls are two entirely different things. They are, but this one happens to be a soccer ball with fire behind it. Sweet!

Jose, Can You See?

I know, that joke is so old. This Illustration of an American Flag is, however, not. It is a bold digital illustration that was created to express a companies loyalty to its, high quality, American Made products.


The image is a postmodern interpretation of a locomotive. That is all I really know about it. We leave it up to clients to pick the design and illustration style they want to see created. Sometimes we are presently surprised by something truly different.

Another Palm Tree

Yes. We are surrounded by beaches and swaying palms. Many of the clients we work for want to have a Florida theme in their designs... well, you don't get much more Florida then that.

This Is My Island In The Sun...

You can never have too many palm trees people. Never! This was an illustration done for a fun tropical backdrop. Using Illustrator to create this design it allowed us to make it as large as a bus, or as small as a postage stamp and still maintain it's clarity.