Marketing & Design

We know how big a Facebook profile image should be. We know how to get more “likes”. We tweet. We collect analytics. We set up AdWords. We know how to send out mass e-mails to people – and get them to take a look. We do all of that SEO, SMO, and SOS stuff so you don’t have to.


Every company should have an awesome Facebook page. One that shows the strengths of the company, connects with the customers, and expresses the company personality. Torch started Mister Landscapers Facebook Page. We took it from one like to over 19,000. We actively manage the page, design many of the post, and make sure everything is good with the customers. This is great for them, because they get to focus on making great product without worrying about how many likes they have or if a customer has a question.

Analytics For Everyone

Torch can show you all the information you could ever want about your site. Do you want to know where your customers are coming from? Torch Designs can help you come up with a plan to reach certain customers from specific locations and then show you if the plan is working by how many people visit your site.  We can also help define your demographics.  If you are looking for an age range to target, we can show you what age range has already been interested in your site, so that you can figure out how to market to them. It's all in the pudding, or in the charts, if you don't like pudding.

Social Media Cover Design

Showing off can be fun. Social media covers are a place where companies can show off a little bit about themselves, and look cool while doing it. Whether you are a large or small company, many social media platforms will allow you to connect with others that might be looking for exactly what you offer. We say, go ahead, show off a bit, and get social.

Key Words

Torch Analyzes the keywords in your campaigns to find out which ones will work best for your company.  If you are a dog groomer you really don't need any information about cutting peoples hair, just as you might not ever want to cut a cats hair, because cats are crazy and will conger up spirits of menacing proportions if you ever try and give them a bath. We have tried to bathe a cat... it wasn't pretty.

Need A Dentist

This local dentist wanted to give their Facebook page an updated look and increase their traffic. The new look is great, and their numbers went from fifty likes to 600 likes in less then 6 months. We would show you the before photo, but it mysteriously vanished when we made their Facebook page look awesome!!!

The Google Doesn't Know

Telling Google what locations you do business is important. Just as telling them there are places you prefer not to work.  Let's say there is a rival bakery that has issued a decree if you were to ever send a delivery truck down their street their employees would pelt you with day old rolls... those things get hard, by the way.  You would probably want to avoid getting delivery calls in that area.  That is where we come in.  Torch can specifically tell Google where you want to advertise, and where you don't.  It might save you time, and headaches caused by dinner rolls.