If you have an awesome product, cell phone photos of it on your brochure or web site will not due. Get a pro look with pro photos of your totally fabulous products, styles, designs, models, employee team, corporate buildings, landscape design, interior design shots and more. We try really hard to stick to commercial photography, but If you happen to need a photographer for family portraits, weddings and birthday parties, we can refer you to some amazing people who just love photographic such events.
Professional Photography Example Vintage Film Camera Professional Photography thumbnail Vintage Film Camera

Capture the image of something and make it more than a concept. Bring it to life. That is what we can do for you with our pro photography.

Professional Photography Example Ameture Photo Sprinkler Professional Photography Example Ameture Photo

If you have a fabulous product, cell phone photos just will not do. A Torch photographer can take a photo with the right lighting, in the right setting, making it something more than just a snapshot.

Professional Photography Example Micro Sprinkler Professional Photography Example Micro Sprinkler

This is more like it. The same product in the previous photo comes to life in this vibrant, professional capture of it in motion.

Professional Photography Example Ameture Photo Sprinkler Professional Photography Example Ameture Photo Sprinkler

If the photography doesn't show off the product in the best light, it should not be used in an ad, for marketing, or in any other venue.

Professional Photography Example Drip Irrigation Professional Photography Thumbnail Drip Irrigation

Using photography, we make our customers' products stand out. No matter how small or big a company is, having quality product photos can help sell quality products.

Professional Photography Example Real Estate House Professional Photography Thumbnail Real Estate House

We do real estate photography as well. Many a person has taken a photo or two of a house when trying to sell. By letting a pro take pictures of real estate to place on web sites or in magazines, you guarantee more views, and possibly more customers.

Professional Photography Example Real Estate Photography Professional Photography thumbnail Real Estate House

Gutters are rather plain, ordinary, and somewhat necessary additions to a home. Making them look extraordinary is our job.

Professional Photography Example Product BBQ Professional Photography thumbnail Product BBQ

Kicking it BBQ style. To make a saucy creation stand out, we took photos on location in the place that would be serving it.

Professional Photography Example Flower Garden Professional Photography Thumbnail Flower Garden

Ah, something beautiful to make you smile. What does a photo like this have to do with a graphic design company? Well, if you happen to have a great garden blog, or ad, getting a beautiful image is the way to go.

 Profesional Photography Example Teen Fashion Professional Photography Thumbnail Teen Fashion

If a product line consists of fashionable clothing items, then having photos taken with models will help create more interest - and sell the wares.

Professional Photography Example Kids Fashion Professional Photography Thumbnail Kids Fashion

Making styles and fashions look great requires beautiful models, great lighting, and a product that everyone looks great in. Comfortable jeans.

Professional Photography Example Water Drop Professional Photography thumbnail Water Drop

Capturing water for a blog about drip irrigation just made us excited. Mainly because we got to capture water doing that whole double-drip ripple effect.

Professional Photography Example Dog  Profesional Photography thumbnail Dog

Is there a veterinarian's website in need of a great photo? Torch can do it. We love animals, too.

Professional Photography Example Garden Planter Professional Photography Thumbnail Garden Planter

How to make a fountain of plants. This blog needed a strong photo to show people the beauty of changing a water waster into planted art.

Professional Photography Example Architecture Professional Photography thumbnail Architecture

Interior photos can be difficult to capture well. Torch has what it takes to make photos look their best in all environments.

Professional Photography Example Landscape Design Professional Photography Thumbnail Landscape Design

Capturing the beauty of public parks, gardens, buildings, and more. We provide exactly what is needed for any print or web venture.

Professional Photography Example Beach Crab Professional Photography Thumbnail Beach Crab

Feeling a little crabby? This photo was used for our own social media page.

Professional Photography Example Red Micro Sprinkler Professional Photography Thumbnail Red Micro Sprinkler

Another great sprinkler shot. Now we are just showing off.

Professional Photography Example Tortus on White Professional Photography Thumbnail Tortus on White

Moving slow is still moving, as we remember who won the race... It wasn't Mister Speedy Pants.

Professional Photography Example Pumpkin

Capture the photo you need for the product you need it for. That's what we do.