If you have an awesome product, cell phone photos of it on your brochure or website just will not do. Get a pro look with pro photos of your totally fabulous products, styles, designs, models, employee team, corporate buildings, landscape design, interior design shots and more. We try really hard to stick to commercial photography, but if you happen to need a photographer for family portraits, weddings and birthday parties, we can refer you to some amazing people who just love photographing such events.

Mister Landscaper Product Shot

This is a photo of a not just any sprinkler. It is in fact a photo of a low flow sprinkler stake designed to irrigate landscapes and gardens while saving tons of water annually.  We love it!

Visit their site also designed by us:

Another Mister Landscaper Stake

Stopping water while in motion is one of the funnest things to do with a camera.  Making sure the camera does not get wet is also one of the funnest things to do wile taking photos of water.  This is a product shot of a Mister Landscaper Spinning Jet. It creates a low flow spray that is perfect for landscapes and garden areas.

Visit their site also designed by us:

Water Dripping

Capturing water droplets for a blog about drip irrigation just made us excited. Mainly because we got to capture water doing that whole double-drip ripple effect. It is not only beautiful. It is also very relaxing.

Not Just a Pretty Photo

Capturing the beauty of public parks, gardens, buildings, and more. We provide exactly what is needed for any print or web venture.

Photos For Blogs

How to plant your old shoes... This blog needed a strong photo to show people the beauty of changing old shoes into garden art that everyone can enjoy.


The Dogs Got This

Is there a veterinarian's website in need of a great photo of the perfect local pooch? Torch can do it. We happen to love animals, too.

Taking Photos On Location

Kicking it BBQ style. To make a saucy creation stand out, we took photos on location in the place that would be serving it.


More Than A Product Shot

Capture the image of something and make it more than a concept. Bring it to life. That is what we can do for you with our pro photography. Our Goal is to make your work exactly how you want it to look.

Fancy Watch Photo

It's not about the bling... or is it. Bling is a slang term popularized in hip hop culture, referring to flashy, ostentatious, or elaborate jewelry and ornamented accessories. If you specialize in the shiny stuff, we can take photos of it.


Nothing says fashion like putting on brand new clothes and laying across some rocks for a photo shoot. It makes total sense. Now live in the moment, climb on some rocks from a couple hundred years ago, and imagine yourself a fashionable teen. That's what we do.

Everyone In Jeans

Making styles and fashions look great requires beautiful models, great lighting, and a product photo that everyone looks great in. Comfortable jeans are just what the Dr. ordered. Next time you want photos of kids in fashionable wares, don't hesitate to call.

Sell Your Mansion

We do real estate photography as well. Many a person has taken a photo or two of a house when trying to sell. Why trust the sale of your mansion to a person with a point and shoot camera. By letting a pro take pictures of real estate to place on web sites or in magazines, you guarantee more views, and possibly more customers.

Buy A House With A Pool

If you are selling your house having great photos goes a long way toward making it more marketable and memorable online. All of the special features of the house should stand out, so that people know the true value of the property they are getting.

For Sale

What Makes a house a Home. People. If you want to show off your rentals to people then make sure and send them some great photography so they know that they are getting a quality place to live.

For The Birds

Sand Hill Cranes are large, scary birds that stare at you with beady orange eyes and razor sharp beaks, just waiting for you to turn your back... If you want to ad some local nature to your blog, or magazine, we don't mind risking our lives for a great shot.

Gators Got It

The most deadly of Florida Predators, alligators have a bit of a bad rap. They can be really cuddly and friendly, once you get to know one. We are kidding of course. Do not ever attempt to cuddle with a gator, I repeat, do not cuddle with a gator. They, like a teenaged girl on the rampage, could bite your head off at any second. Instead use us to get that perfect shot for your printed piece on the extinction of small dogs living near Florida Lakes. We don't mind the danger. (Actually we use long lenses that make it seam like we are braver then we are).

A Far Way To Freedom

Small and seemingly insignificant on the vast ocean, Our photographer captured this shot of desperate people trying to find a better place to live and work. We Wanted to share this photo in our portfolio, not to be a downer, but rather to remind us all how valuable freedom really is, and not to take it for granted.

Singing The Blues

Why have an angry looking street musician in our photography portfolio.  I think it shows the diversity of concept and allows for an overall reaching goal of expressing our strong suits in composition, style, and editing capabilities. Plus, it just looks plane cool.