Print Design

With the Internet becoming a larger part of our lives, the world of print is ever-changing. Torch Designs knows how to make print work for our customers by creating bold, dynamic pieces that will help improve the look of any business.

Secure Network Services

Building a brand is important for any business. We start with an idea, and take the concept through all of the elements of media that the company wishes to use to market their brand.  In the case of Secure Network Services, they wished to create a brand that could be used in conjunction with their website and other meterials

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Mister Landscaper Package Re-Design

This color-coded, bi-lingual package design for an irrigation manufacturer was designed to make their products stand out in the irrigation section of the Lowe's stores across America.

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Event Poster for Charity

See a need Fill a need. Torch Designs loves to give back, one of the ways we do that is by donating some of our design time for community outreach events for great causes, as was the case for this awesome cause.


Maxijet Ad

Maxijet is an industry leader in low flow irrigation products in groves and in nurseries around the world. They constantly sell products that can convert high flow irrigation to low flow, helping growers save water, and money.  This as was created to display just a few of their products.

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Kegel Parts Catalog

A multi-page catalog for a bowling lane machine manufacturer designed to allow customers to order parts for their machines from the company. Has your lane machine ever broken down and you needed to find a part to fix it? If so, then this would be the catalog for you.

School Of The Arts Brochure

This preforming arts school wanted a clean look for their black and white brochure that was sure to create interest in their many educational programs.

Enough Said Magazine Ad

If you ever wanted to be a professional bowler, then you would want to train where the pros go to train. This ad was created to highlight just such a place by showing off a ball signed by one of bowling's best.

Mister Landscaper Package Re-Design

The package design world can be hard to navigate. Boxes, bags, little parts. This box is an example of design that can be placed on a box for all to see.

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Maxijet Parts Catalog

Multi-page parts catalog which allows their customers to have full access to their parts with extreme detail on what each and every product does. Find just what you are looking for in a catalog designed with your company's unique look and product line.

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This design was created for CATS system.  A bowling tracking system developed to track the ball path while pro bowlers train. The ad is designed around technology, while keeping it beautiful at the same time.

Spaghetti For Haley

Serving up a spaghetti lunch for a family in need. This poster design was created to get the word out about an event designed to give back - and help a little girl in need.


Asset Preservation Partners

Logos are just the beginning when dealing with design. Carry your design throughout all of your brand with cards, brochures, mailers and more. This brochure was created for a company that helped manufacturing companies protect their machine assets by inspecting them for potential ware and tare damage. As such, the look is very industrial.

Fun Teen Photography

A really fun event by a really great photographer Beth Carter. This postcard was created to spread the word about private fashion shoot parties for teens, giving them a chance to have fun.


Stop The Madness

My tirade against boring, flat, two tone design.......ahhaha. LOL Although it never should be, design can be boring, mundane, and repetitive. Stop the madness and make print beautiful.

The Mechanic Advert

Bowling Lane Machines are rather simply, rectangular. We achieved our goal, and it was used by Brunswick in an industry magazine. This ad was designed to make a bowling lane machine look fabulous. We love it!

Water The Earth

Water the Earth by taking good care of its natural resources. This ad was part of a campaign designed to bring awarness to using lower flow irrigation to save water in landscapes and gardens.

Motor Boys Logo On Whatever

An industry ad for a bowling manufacturer. If you get a 300 in league bowling, you can get a ring. If your lane conditions are excellent, then your chances are increased. Who doesn't want free jewelry?

Maxijet Ad

If you had to sum up everything a company does in a one-page ad, it might be difficult. We decided to create a story. That way, it can continue on for generations to come.

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