Google Ads

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Torch Designs knows how to avoid the common keyword traps, so you invest your money into visitors that will convert.
Torch Designs maintains a Google Certification and works directly with its dedicated contacts at Google to optimize campaigns.
Torch Designs actively experiments to continually refine and improve your campaigns.

Why Google Ads?

Torch designs strives to help small business grow by helping them market their business on platforms such as Google Ads. Google Ads is one of the biggest marketing platforms that can be utilized to create traffic to your website and grow your sales.

Advantages of Google Ads include:

  1. Detailed Targeting
  2. Ads place on top of google search results
  3. Call tracking
  4. Remarketing
  5. No Commitment
  6. Constant Improvement
You speak with a Torch Designs’ Google Certified Partner.

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