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Are you looking for an effective way to increase traffic and conversion for your brand? Stop looking! Our experts at Torch Designs will build you a solid social media presence to put your business on the map.


Where in the world would you find such a diverse experience? We all know the answer to that one, Social Media. It is more then just an experience. The real question we get from our clients is how in the name of all things social do we advertise in a world where roller scatting kittens, and horseback riding lessons share the same space.

To Achieve This, We Follow 5 Brilliant Steps:

  1. Determine your objectives
  2. Identify your target audience
  3. Choose the best platform for your brand
  4. Optimize your website
  5. Increase your brand reach and revenue through creative content, ads, and interactive marketing campaigns.

Our Platform:

We have social media experts well versed in the most profitable social media platforms in the world, including:

There are over 4.65 billion social media users globally. Facebook Has 2.912 billion.

There are over 4.65 billion social media users globally. Facebook Has 2.912 billion. Facebook is the top leading platform and biggest marketplace with the most active users globally. Every day, millions of people hop on Facebook searching for news, old friends, and businesses that align with their needs. The goal is to make your business visible when they come looking. But, with the increasing competition in this marketplace, you might have a hard time breaking through.
At Torch Designs, we will develop a plan to help you accomplish your marketing goals without having you raise a finger.

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