Video Production

The best way to increase your reach on many platforms is video. Use your video to market your business on your website, Facebook, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many other platforms.

Video designed to help you grow your business:

  • 1.Video is a great way to explain complex messages.
  • 2.Your video can play on some platforms where static images cannot be run.
  • 3.Video more effectively communicates and influences emotion.
  • 4.Relate to your customers through storytelling.
  • 5.Build brand awareness through a variety of mediums.

Torch Designs makes video easy:

  • 1.Our process is designed to ensure your video goals are met.
  • 2.Torch Designs will help write your script, find the actors, and locate the best spot to shoot your video.
  • 3.We work with you to ensure the proper releases, permits, and other legal requirements are met.
  • 4.Once your video is shot, we will seamlessly integrate it with your other Torch Designs Digital Marketing services.
  • 5.Torch Designs uses high-quality equipment that is specifically tailored to your job.

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Video By Torch Designs: